How to Find Time for Yoga when you are busy

How to find time for yoga when you are busy

“Yoga is too long for me”, “My life is too busy for yoga”, “It’s tough to manage office, home and yoga at the same time” are some common excuses most of us make when we don’t practice yoga.
However, let us pause for a minute and consider the truth. Even in our busy schedules, we have the time to scroll through social media, watch television and random online surfing. Is it a viable excuse then to omit yoga, which is good for our physical and mental well-being? To lead a healthy, mindful life, you want to cut out all the possible barriers that lead to non-constructive activities.

Life can be busy but making time for yoga every day for 15 – 20 minutes does not get in the way of your work and family responsibilities. Rather, embracing this healthy practice will bring positive changes in the long run. Swapping half an hour social media surfing for some mindful yoga will make you physically and mentally fit, thereby boosting your overall performance.

Incorporating yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises in your daily lifestyle can bring you physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Here are some tips to help embrace yoga in your busy lifestyle:


It’s all in your Mind

Attitude matters in every aspect of life, even when incorporating a healthy lifestyle. It might initially seem challenging to fit yoga into your busy schedule, but this is only because of your mindset. Adopt a positive attitude that is flexible to accommodating yoga. To extract the actual essence of this mindful practice, you must prioritize it. Make it a non-negotiable and you will find time for it.


Plan Your To-Do-List

Making a to-do-list is very effective while planning your day. Divide the list into categories according to the importance of the activities. Jot down the activities that demand attention at work and home. Also, do not forget to make a column for activities of self-development. Include a healthy diet, self-care, chatting with a good friend, spending time with your family and of course yoga. Follow the list and block all other unwanted activities from your daily life to experience the difference.


Find Ten Minutes

In this fast-paced life, it’s truly difficult to find considerable time for yourself. However, even when you are fully bogged with official and personal commitments, try to take out 10 minutes from your busy schedule. This time span is not too long and can easily be invested in mindful exercises like yoga and meditation.


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Just Breath

Pranayama or breathing exercises are a kind of yoga that enhances the intake of air in our body and boosts physical well-being as well as mood. So, even if you are busy with other activities, never forget to take deep breaths from time to time. Such a practice can bring bliss in your life and relieve stress and tension in no time.


Find a Motivator

If you lack motivation, look for a motivator to get emotional support. It is noteworthy that when we are excited about an activity, we find time to practice it. Look for a friend or family member who encourages you to regularly engage in yoga. Joining a yoga class or workshop is also a great way to stay driven as you come in contact with like-minded, motivated individuals. Investing in a personal trainer can also help bring consistency in your yoga practice.


Include Yoga in Your Daily Life

Avoid slouching! Make a habit of standing straight and keeping the shoulders wide. There are certain poses like Mountain pose or Tadasana that you can include in your daily life to get all the benefits of yoga without hampering your professional and personal life. Have you ever thought of doing yoga while taking shower? If not, do it to experience the bliss. Stand tall under the shower, take a deep breath and relax. Now, let the water run over your face and spine. It is a peaceful experience. While reading a book, chatting with friend and watching a movie on TV, sit in a Cow Face or Gomukasana pose to increase flexibility and open your hips.


Do Yoga with Kids

If you are a busy parent, merge your kid’s practice schedule with your own. This will allow you to spend quality time with your child and live a healthy lifestyle simultaneously. It is a very effective method of practicing yoga. Your child’s playful attitude will motivate you to practice yoga on a regular basis. We wrote a full blog post on this topic with our favorite kid-friendly poses.


Make it Easy

It is hard to do yoga on some days so make it as easy as possible:

  • Place your mat right next to your bed or leave it rolled out
  • Do yoga while watching TV or while on the phone (yes, it might not be the traditional way, but it is better than nothing)
  • Get nice yoga clothing that you enjoy to put on or find hybrid yoga cloth that function als PJ and yoga attire
  • When in doubt, just do Child’s Pose and stay there for a few breaths


Listen to Your Inner Call

Honor your commitments. Make yoga your commitment and don’t bring anything else in that time slot allotted to yoga. Thus, prioritize yoga in your schedule and keep a time slot free for practicing the same. Learn more about the benefits of yoga and watch videos on mindfulness practices to motivate your inner guru. Once you get motivated, nothing can stop you from incorporating yoga in your daily life.


It is proven that practicing yoga consistently can benefit you many ways. Adopt the above-mentioned hacks to live a healthy and mindful life. Making time to practice yoga can change your lifestyle for the best.


Click here to download a full month of my favorite free online yoga videos and start your own at home yoga practice (all videos are free and between 5 and 20 minutes).