Monday Morning Bliss

A weekly newsletter for women who want to fit more yoga, meditation and a mindfulness into their busy lifestyle.

Monday Morning Bliss is for you if you want to have it all:  a healthy and mindful lifestyle, time for family and friends, and a fulfilling career. We provide handpicked yoga flows, meditation exercises, mindfulness tips, and and thought provoking resources to help you survive a busy week.

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Morning Mantra

Morning Mantras are little sparks of bliss delivered to your inbox daily.  They are designed to be used in your own practice, shared or kept for when you really need them. We encourage you to them out loud, write them down a couple of times, post them to your social media feed and so much more to start the manifestation. Read more about how mantras work and how you can use our little mantra e-cards.

Morning Mantras include original Sanskrit mantras, modern mantras and quotes on topics like happiness, inner-peace, self-love and meditation.



About Blissflow

Blissflow  believes you can have a mindful lifestyle while building a career. Our lives get busier and busier every day. That’s even more true for all the hustling #girlbosses out there. Modern women just want to have it all: a successful career, their own company either full time or as a side-hustle, a happy family, and time for friends. With all these demand, the need for mindfulness, yoga, meditation and self-care is on the rise.

In today’s society it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the information out there. It’s our mission at Blissflow to gather the best information and to make it as easy as possible to choose the right inspiration for you.



Interviews & Journal

Do you ever wonder how all the amazing women goddesses seem to have everything?

Read interviews with fellow yogi goddesses where they fill you in on their best-kept secrets. Read everything about morning & night routines, how they fit mindfulness into their busy lives and how to be a true part-time yogi.


7 Days to Bliss

Download 7 Days to Bliss, a guide filled with exercises and tips on balancing your chakras and moving you towards BLISS.

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