Benefits of a Consistent Yoga Practice

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Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are. - Rolf Gates

Like anything, building a consistent yoga practice will reap physical benefits for your body. We, as humans are physical, mental and spiritual beings so a regular yoga practice promotes the development of all three at the same time.

Unlike other workouts like HIIT or aerobics, yoga is a work-in exercise. The age-old practice not only assures your physical well-being but also rejuvenate and energize your spirit. Practicing yoga regularly can make you a healthier, calmer, and happier person.


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So, how often should we practice yoga?

If you are a beginner or if it is hard for you to put in time with your mat, two to three days a week is ideal for promoting both your physical and spiritual well-being. This will allow our body to understand the ebb and flow. Thus, the yoga professionals suggest practicing yoga for 15-30 minutes every day or two to three days a week rather than taking one very long session a week.

Consistent yoga practice enhances your physical strength and flexibility, makes your mind powerful and rich, and of course, relaxes your senses by connecting you to your breath.


Squeezing 15 minutes from your busy life for yoga practice can benefit you in many ways:


Improves Flexibility and Posture

To get your body strong and muscles toned, make yoga a part and parcel of your daily life. Asanas like planks, boat pose, chair pose, downward facing dog pose, and extended triangle pose strengthen arms, legs, abs, and shoulders effectively. With consistent practice of asanas like mountain pose, tree pose, cat-cow pose, standing forward pose, cobra pose, you’ll start to notice your posture shifting. Remember, incorrect body posture can lead to many physical problems like spondylitis, slip disc ,and many other spinal diseases. Yoga, in the long run, can help relieve the body aches from such back issues.


Enhances Your Energy Level

Yoga also has the potential to boost your energy instantly. Just a few minutes of yoga practice can help you to stay active and dynamic both at home and work. According to Vedic philosophy, yoga awakens energy centers of our body, which are also known as chakras. Asanas like tree pose, bow pose, headstand, and warrior poses circulate energy throughout your body and encourage you to spend your day livelier. So, if it’s a hectic day, take a 10 minutes break from your daily work and invest in yoga to charge up your batteries.


Helps to Lose Weight

Yoga can also help you to enhance metabolism and stay in shape. Studies state a consistent yoga practice can restore the hormonal balance and boost weight loss efficiently. = Practice asanas like sun salutation, wide-legged forward bend, lunges, side planks, warrior poses and pranayama like “kapal bhati” to enhance your metabolism and promote losing weight. Consistent practice of such asanas manages hormones like cortisol and lowers your habit of overeating.


Reduces Stress

Stress and strain are the part and parcel of our fast-paced life. A few minutes of yoga can help us to manage stress and soothe our body and mind. Yoga poses along with mindful meditation and pranayamas can help you release your everyday stress. According to the masters, such yoga postures can prevent insomnia and heart diseases if practiced on a regular basis. People who include pranayama and yoga in their exercise regimen can regulate their heart rate variability better than the non-practitioners. Asanas like eagle pose, standing forward fold, child’s pose, thunderbolt pose, and reclined bound angle pose relaxes your mind and allows your body to respond to stress readily. Relaxing yoga poses calm down both your mind and body effectively.


Increases Inner Peace and Happiness

By setting aside just 15-20 minutes from your busy schedule you can improve your mood with some efficacious yoga practices. If you have a disturbed mind, calm it down with breathing exercises. We often look for happiness in others, whereas it lies within us. Pranayamas and meditation can enable you to realize that inner peace of yours and make you happier. A consistent yoga practice can help us to increase the serotonin level and keep anxiety and depression at bay.


Improves Concentration and Intuition

While practicing yoga, you need to concentrate on your breathing. When you practice this process regularly, it calms your mind and enhances its functionality. To make your brain rich and enhance its retention power, keep practicing it regularly. There are more profound benefits of consistent yoga practice. According to studies, it also improves your intuitive ability and makes you more efficient at work. Practicing yoga every morning can improve your concentration and thoughts throughout the day.


Don’t know how to manage time for yoga?

Start by taking a few baby steps. Fit it 15-20 minutes a day and set a realistic goal. And know that if your practice falls off, just pick right back up where you left off.


Click here to download a full month of my favorite free online yoga videos and start your own at home yoga practice (all videos are free and between 5 and 20 minutes).