How to create an at-home yoga space

You know that feeling when you walk into your favorite yoga studio, almost like your whole body exhales? Well, channeling that feeling into your very own yoga space at home is easier than you think. What could be more relaxing than rolling out of bed and right into your very own relaxing yoga sanctuary (and it doesn’t have to take up that much space!). Simply draw on what inspires you about your favorite yoga studio and incorporate a few yoga essentials and you have the foundation of a sustainable home yoga practice.

Here are our top tips for creating an inexpensive yoga sanctuary right at home.


Download our Checklist to create your own home-yoga sanctuary here!


Find a Space that Supports You

Find a space in your home that will support your practice. A hard, even floor will be way more convenient than practicing on carpet. Even surfaces let you hold your poses for a longer period while strengthening your bond with the Earth element. Do you need a wall to support your balance poses or inversions? You may need to factor that into where you set-up your sanctuary as well.


Marie Kondo Your Space

Creating a space that feels good to be in is the first and most essential step in creating your very own yoga sanctuary. Choose where in your space you want to practice; maybe it’s a den, a small corner of your room, in front of a mirror or window. Then, Marie Kondo the space – declutter, moving things around, and getting rid of things that don’t spark joy, as author and Netflix star, Marie Kondo puts it. Remove things that will distract you and that will take you away from enjoying your practice.


Roll out your Favorite Mat

Although seemingly obvious, your very own yoga sanctuary isn’t complete without your favorite yoga mat. So, dust off the mat you may be ignoring, roll it out and make it the focal point of your home yoga space. People have different preferences on yoga mats, so find one you love, that is beautiful and will make you feel good to practice on. Keeping it set up in your space will be a reminder of your commitment to build your home yoga practice. Check out one of our favorite mat here.


Show your practice Props

Yoga props are great from supporting you in more challenging poses or practicing restorative styles of yoga. While not essential, props and yoga accessories can be a great addition and motivation to challenge your practice in the comfort of your own space. The most commonly used, and easiest to come by, props include basic yoga blocks and straps. Pillows, bolsters, eye pillows, and blankets can be a great addition to the area for longer held poses and Savasana. For those who love to practice inversions, a balance wheel might be what you are are looking for.

Keep all your necessary yoga tools nearby to avoid any kinds of distractions while you practice. It can always be tempting to walk up to the next room and grab whatever you need, with them close by you’ll be more likely to maintain your focus.


Beautify Your Space

The beauty of a space evidently attracts you to it. Add decor that inherently makes you feel good; fresh flowers, beautiful candles, vibrant draperies, earthly objects like crystals. A fresh and beautiful space promotes a beautiful mind.

Fill up the space with things that you love, things that help you relax and calm your mind. When planning on the decor of an at-home yoga space, you need to acknowledge the fact that less is more. Stuffing the space with too many things can have a distracting effect on your mind. You can try creating an altar with objects of tranquility and peace like images of deities and beautiful crystals that keep you connected to your spirit.


Choose Your Aroma

A part of keeping yourself grounded involves noticing the smells around and identifying a smell that perfectly infuses with your yoga studio at home. The right kind of essential oil and scented candles can help eliminate negativity from your mind and replace it with positive vibes. Choose a scent you love, that motivates you to practice and helps you turn off from your busy day. Whatever be your choice, be careful not to over scent it.


A Touch of Vastu

Vastu is considered the Indian version of “feng shui” and encompasses three aspects: a space should be comfortable, pleasing in appearance, and spiritually satisfying. What makes it different than feng shui is that it incorporates the knowledge of space and living in alignment with cosmic patterns and sacred geometry. Developing a home space for practicing yoga gives you an idea of how you can use a space energetically to promote peace and well-being in your life. Incorporating the right Vastu can transform this otherwise unappealing space to a serene one for a motivated session of yoga practice. Apart from making the room appear pleasing to human eyes, like adding an altar, the place should come across as a reflection of your inner peace.

An aesthetically pleasing room inspires contentment, peace, harmony and an aura of upliftment. One of the best ways of attaining this is through maintaining a symmetry in the room. Symmetry evidently promotes harmony. It is a sign that you have been manifesting the power of Vastu to channelize your focus during yoga sessions at home.

Adding a touch of greenery can also add Vastu to a space. Plants tend to emit an aura of peace and calm.


An at-home yoga space can be a stress releasing factor on a regular basis. The basic idea is to create a space that evokes spirituality and brings about a sense of calm. Awaken to a sense of bliss every morning with a relaxing session of yogic serenity.


Download our Checklist to create your own home-yoga sanctuary here!